ANOTHER SCHOOL BUS BEATING: Two Girls Savagely Pummel Special Needs Child On School Bus – Victim’s Mother To Sue School (VIDEO)

A female student from Cutler Bay Middle School in Florida was viciously assaulted by two bigger females on a school bus, as seen in video obtained by a CBS News Miami reporter on Thursday.

The victim is a special needs child who is 15 years old, which makes the situation worse. The event happened on February 3rd, Friday.

Before being overcome, the youngster is seen in the beginning of the film trying valiantly to repel a big black girl. Although the bus driver can be heard saying “hey, hey, hey,” he only makes a feeble effort to stop the beating.

About 13 seconds into the video, a second girl joins the assault. Later, CBS News Miami confirmed this girl as the elder sibling of the enormous black girl. She doesn’t go to that school.

The terrible pounding left the boy with a concussion.

This savage assault comes soon after another school bus incident in Florida’s Homestead, which is only 15 miles from Cutler Bay and in which juvenile criminals brutally assaulted a nine-year-old girl. Criminal battery charges have been filed against one of the teen classmates who was involved in the incident.

The mother of the victim has engaged a lawyer to file a lawsuit against the school for failing to safeguard her daughter.

Johanna Velez stated, “That shouldn’t have happened, my daughter should have been protected.”

Velez said that last Friday, two girls attacked her daughter, a special needs student at Cutler Bay Middle School, as she rode the bus home.

Before the older sister of the victim, who does not attend the school, boarded the bus and joined in the beating, Velez claimed a kid on the bus assaulted her daughter.

“The bus driver left the bus door open, so another person came in, which was the sister of the little girl who goes to school with my daughter,” Velez explained.

It was also the victim’s 15th birthday, which made matters worse.

Velez also claimed, “I reached out on Saturday night to the principal of Cutler Bay Middle School and expressed what happened, and what I needed. I have not gotten a reply from him. So, I have not gotten no answers from nobody.”




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