Apocalyptic Haze Engulfs New York City as Canadian Wildfires Push Air Quality to Unprecedented Levels, Making it the World’s Most Polluted City (VIDEO)

During a press conference on Wednesday, Mayor Eric Adams expressed his apprehension regarding the unprecedented air quality emergency that has enveloped New York City.

The exceptional deterioration of air quality in the Northeastern United States is a result of the relentless propagation of smoke emanating from the wildfires in Canada. These wildfires have been ongoing for several weeks and have escalated, releasing substantial amounts of smoke. The prevailing winds have carried this smoke towards the south, enveloping major urban areas, including New York City.

Monitoring stations positioned across the city have reported concerning levels of smog and other pollutants that far exceed the safety thresholds established by regulatory agencies. The thick smoke has significantly reduced visibility, creating an eerie orange hue over the cityscape.

According to IQAir, a Swiss technology company specializing in measuring and ranking air pollution, New York City attained the top position as the most polluted city globally on Wednesday. Surpassing cities such as Delhi, Baghdad, Kuwait, and Dhaka, New York City received the highest pollution ranking.

“New Yorkers saw and smelled something that has never impacted us on this scale before. Even as I was out walking the streets, clearly, you knew something was happening that was beyond normal. Last night at 10 p.m, the Air Quality Index hit 218, a very unhealthy level. On the levels of health concern, it really sent shock waves throughout the entire city and this region. And this morning at 7 a.m, the Air Quality Index was 174 in the Bronx and will remain around that level for at least another day. But this is an unprecedented event in our city and New Yorkers must take precaution,” Adams said in a press conference.

According to National Weather Service, “Hazardous air quality and widespread smoky conditions will persist through Wednesday afternoon and evening throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic as smoke associated with wildfires in Canada continues to push southward into the lower 48.”

Air quality advisories have been issued for numerous regions including northern South Carolina, a significant portion of North Carolina, New York, northern Virginia, a substantial part of Maryland, Delaware, eastern Pennsylvania, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and western New Hampshire.




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