Basketball Referee Attacked and Beaten on Court by Girls Team

A physical altercation occurred following a basketball game in Indiana and was recorded on video. The footage captured a referee being assaulted on the court during the Next Level Classic event in Fairland, Indiana, which took place on Sunday.

According to witnesses, a girls’ team from Cincinnati is being held responsible for the incident.

“They were looking for trouble,”Bobby Ewing, the head coach of the DSB Heat hailing from Owensboro, Kentucky, expressed his thoughts.

According to Ewing, his team, the DSB Heat, was facing off against the Cincinnati Indians Elite team. During the game, Owensboro was leading with a score of 41-10 when the Cincinnati players began using offensive language towards Ewing’s players. As the situation intensified, a referee eventually decided to terminate the game.

“I didn’t hear a lot of what was said, but you could see them arguing back and forth,” one parent said.

The video footage depicts members of the Cincinnati team engaged in a dispute with a female referee.

In the video, it is evident that one girl raised her hand and struck the referee. According to Ewing, the situation escalated further when other players from the team started stomping on the referee, making it even more violent.

Ultimately, Ewing mentioned that the Cincinnati players were escorted out of Triton Central High School, where the tournament took place. However, what he heard during that time was equally troubling and unsettling as what he had witnessed.

As of now, no charges have been pressed in this matter; however, the Shelby Sheriff’s Office is actively conducting an investigation. Despite attempts to contact the Cincinnati Indians Elite team and the tournament organizers, no responses have been received.




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