Disgraced Hunter Arrives In Court To Enter Guilty Plea

Hunter Biden, the center of numerous controversies and the son of the president, was observed on video arriving at a Federal courthouse in Delaware to formally admit his guilt. This step is necessary to proceed with his plea deal concerning charges related to tax evasion and firearms. The footage depicted Mr. Biden’s arrival at the court accompanied by a motorcade.

The generous plea deal presented to Hunter Biden, which spares the president’s son from any imprisonment and downgrades his offenses to misdemeanors, has generated significant controversy among numerous Americans. Robert Barnes, an experienced tax lawyer, remarked, “As a criminal tax lawyer for a near quarter-century, I confirm how rare & extraordinary the plea deal is. Indeed, the deal violates DOJ Tax official policy, where Biden’s DOJ prohibits prosecutors from even offering this deal to people who did far less than Hunter.”

Additionally, he emphasized that the Hunter Biden plea deal completely deviates from DOJ traditions and official policy, going as far as violating it at every step, as described in the report revealed earlier today by the whistleblowers.

In response to being challenged on this matter, Mr. Barnes countered that individuals who merely pretend to be lawyers on Twitter shouldn’t question someone with nearly twenty-five years of experience handling federal criminal tax law cases. The policy in question that the Hunter deal violates is the “Major Count” policy, clearly stated in the Tax Division manual. He even provided a link to the criminal tax manual as evidence.

According to statements made by whistleblowers within the IRS who were part of the team investigating Hunter Biden, their inquiry was hindered by political interference from higher authorities. They revealed that certain charges, which had been approved earlier, were strangely omitted when it came to prosecuting the president’s son. These whistleblowers also noticed that U.S. Attorney David Weiss, assigned to investigate Hunter Biden, faced limitations in his powers and jurisdiction, despite attempts to acquire more extensive authority.

Furthermore, there are concerns about the uncomfortably close connections between the Biden family and a prosecutor within Weiss’s office. During the investigation, another suspicious incident came to light where the Biden transition team was warned in advance about a scheduled interview with Hunter Biden involving FBI and IRS agents. As a result, the interview was canceled, and Hunter was never questioned. Additionally, Hunter Biden was also alerted ahead of a search of his storage unit. These incidents have raised doubts about the impartiality and integrity of the investigation.




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