Biden Admin Adds Another Item to Its Hit List

Green energy policies are a primary goal for President Joe Biden’s administration. To help lessen the nation’s impact on the environment, he’s taking aim at a number of supposedly wasteful household items. The president has added ceiling fans to his list of targets.

The Energy Act of 2020 was enacted during Biden’s first year in office. The law laid the groundwork for updating the country’s energy regulations. Energy-efficient ceiling fans are a focus of the regulations. The Energy Department estimates that households will save $39 during the lifetime of the fan due to the new regulations.

The annual cost of producing the fans will rise by $86.6 million, but it will save Americans a whopping $39 over several decades. Experts in the field, Republican politicians, and entrepreneurs are all worried about the skyrocketing cost to fan manufacturers.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm was grilled by conservatives on the House Small Business Committee on August 24. Legislators claimed the proposed rules will drive 10% to 30% of the ceiling fan manufacturing industry out of business by forcing many small enterprises to modify their products in an effort to comply. They mentioned how the Energy Department doesn’t appear to have given any thought to those concerns.

The new regulations, according to an Energy Department official, are “required by Congress” and won’t be implemented for several more years. They also stated that “up to $369 million” would be saved yearly due to the rules and that pollution would be reduced.

There has been a national uproar about the efficiency criteria for numerous appliances. Prohibiting gas stoves in homes is a concept that has been met with strong opposition from Americans. Dishwasher safety regulations are to blame for their frustration. And now it seems like the battle has spread to everyday objects. What the Biden administration plans to intervene in next is a burning question.




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