Sanders Assesses Democrats’ Backing

Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, an independent, has lately urged that liberals in the United States should unite behind President Joe Biden in the next Democratic primary. He stated that former President Donald Trump will be the GOP nominee and that Vice President Joe Biden is the best guarantee against Trump’s return to the White House. The extreme lefty also predicted that Trump would be elected president in 2024 if the Democratic Party nominated someone other than himself.

Sanders, speaking on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” said that all progressives in the United States should be aware that Trump poses the greatest threat to the country right now. The former chief executive, he said, is not only a “dangerous person,” but also a “authoritarian” who doesn’t support democratic norms.

Sanders then said that the first step in defeating Trump was to vote for Vice President Joe Biden because progressives must work together. With more than 90 felony accusations spread across four indictments, the former president was the impetus for the senator’s remarks.

Sanders acknowledged that he comprehends the stances of his Democratic Party critics who are unhappy with the manner in which he is backing President Biden. Sanders, though, has stated that he disagrees with them because Trump represents the gravest threat to American democracy in its history.

Sanders, in another interview with CNN’s “State of the Union” on August 27, said that Trump violates many constitutionally protected “rights.” He went on to say that Bush Sr. is an opponent of not only abortion but also “social justice” and efforts to “end bigotry.”

Sanders says he will support President Biden’s nomination but will still urge him to address the country’s many problems. Examples of these include wealth disparity and so-called “corporate greed.”




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