Biden Border Patrol Cuts Razor Wire Fence on Private Property to Let Illegal Aliens Enter Texas

A Biden Border Patrol agent can be seen on video dismantling a razor wire fence on private property on the Texas side of the Rio Grande at Eagle Pass in order to let illegal immigrants into the country.

In an effort to stop the influx of illegal immigrants that the Biden administration is allowing to enter the country, Governor Greg Abbott (R) has sent personnel and equipment to the border.

The agent is shown opening the cut razor wire fence to more than a dozen people, including adults, children, and newborns. a smuggler can be seen turning around his fan speedboat after dumping his human cargo and making an unimpeded return trip to Mexico.

According to Melugin, the owner of the land had given the Texas Department of Public Safety permission to erect razor wire fencing on their property:

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) responded, “What the hell? I’m going to assume for now that this particular CBP agent is following orders that he hates following. Either way, the Biden Administration is now destroying Texas property to fulfill an open border agenda. Texas must respond.”

Earlier this week, Melugin posted video of illegal aliens calling for Border Patrol after they were stopped by Texas’ deployment of razor wire fencing at Eagle Pass, “NEW: Video from @TxDPS shows a group of 50+ migrants who crossed illegally into Eagle Pass, TX being blocked with razor wire and denied entry by TX. They begin chanting for Border Patrol to arrive, expecting to be let in by Feds, but only TX in this spot, so they place more wire.”




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