Biden Falls To Record-low 27% Approval Among Independents

In a recent survey, President Biden’s approval rating among independent voters has reached an all-time low.

According to a Gallup poll released on Tuesday, just 27% of independent voters approve of the performance of President Biden, 81, in the White House. This marks an 8-point decline from last month.

Adding to the president’s underwhelming approval among the crucial voting demographic is his management of both the economy and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In these areas, Biden received even less favorable ratings from independent voters.

Gallup recorded Biden’s economic approval rating at 24% among those not affiliated with any political party. Additionally, his handling of the United States’ involvement in the Middle East conflict garnered only a 25% approval from this group.

The president obtained somewhat higher ratings for his management of Russia’s war in Ukraine, with a 31% approval. Additionally, he received 28% approval for his approach to foreign affairs in general and 35% approval for his healthcare policy.

According to the pollster, 49% of Americans identify as political independents. This group has also voiced concerns in recent polls regarding President Biden’s age and his involvement in his son’s business affairs.

In a recent Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll survey released last week, 59% of independent voters believe that the president was engaged in and endorsed his first son’s business activities. This coincides with an active House impeachment inquiry initiated by Republicans since September. According to a separate poll conducted by Yahoo News earlier this month, just 22% of independents view Biden as competent, while 69% harbor concerns about his health and mental sharpness.

In Gallup’s telephone survey of 1,013 adults conducted from November 1 to November 21, President Biden’s overall job approval rating stands at 37%. This marks the third instance this year where the president has matched his record low approval rating.




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