National Christmas Tree Falls Over Days Before Lighting Ceremony

A strong gust of wind toppled the National Christmas Tree near the White House on Tuesday afternoon, merely two days before President Biden was scheduled to ceremonially illuminate it. The majestic 40-foot spruce, transported to the White House Ellipse south of the executive mansion on November 14, collapsed at approximately 2 p.m. ET, as per official reports.

Efforts were underway as work crews hurried to rescue the tree, employing a crane to carefully reinstate it in an upright position.

The status of the adorned tree’s suitability for Thursday’s centennial lighting ceremony remained uncertain, with immediate clarity eluding whether it could be salvaged.

Differing from the previous two Christmas celebrations, the Bidens chose not to display stockings over the mantle in the State Dining Room. This choice garnered attention, especially given the first couple’s delayed acknowledgment of first son Hunter Biden’s out-of-wedlock daughter, Navy Joan Roberts, earlier this year.

During the years 2021 and 2022, the stockings took a prominent position in the festive arrangement, featuring the names of the first grandchildren and first pets.

This year, President Biden and his family intend to observe Christmas at Camp David, where they will opt to display the stockings, as communicated by a spokesperson from the White House.

The lavish decorations at the White House encompass 98 Christmas trees, around 34,000 ornaments, and 142,000 twinkling lights. 

The setup of these decorations, centered on the theme of “The Magic, Wonder, and Joy” of Christmas, involved the assistance of over 300 volunteers.




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