Biden Flips Out On Two Reporters And Even Puts His Hands On Them

Joe Biden frequently loses his temper with individuals, swearing at voters and making derogatory remarks about reporters when someone brings up issues or truths that he doesn’t want to deal with. Just the other day, a reporter questioned Biden about whether releasing 15 million additional barrels from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve was an election-related political move. Biden retaliated by yelling at the reporter.

It got worse on Thursday when Biden attempted to board his chopper to fly to Pennsylvania to support John Fetterman but stopped to talk to reporters. However, a reporter forced him to admit the obvious when she said, “John Fetterman’s going to appear with you today in Pennsylvania, but there haven’t been that many candidates campaigning with you.”

That enraged Joe, who grabbed her and said, “That’s not true! There’ve been 15. COUNT KID, COUNT! ”

Even if it was 15, that result in the middle of such a significant midterm election is embarrassing. It is not something  you brag about. It demonstrates how dire the situation is for the Democrats and how much Democratic candidates are avoiding being with Biden.

They are aware of the burden Biden is on them due to his lack of support and the damage he has caused to the nation. But by simply excluding him from the race, the Democratic contenders cannot escape the ire of the electorate.

The way Biden treats reporters is something that the White House Press Association ought to be protesting. The situation is out of hand. We all know that if President Donald Trump had done this, everyone would be going crazy over how he grabbed reporters, and it would be covered nonstop. But when it comes to Biden, who has a groping problem, we won’t hear a peep about any accusations.




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