Woman Viciously Attacked By Teens On DC Bus As Crime Rises

A woman who requested the youngsters to cease using filthy language was severely attacked and thrown off a bus in Washington, DC, as shown on shocking video.

After a mother and a little child boarded the DC Metrobus on Monday, Kyla Thurston, another passenger, asked the noisy teenagers to stop cursing.

She claimed that the children then started acting out. They started acting disrespectfully and started using foul language.

Before she knew it, things were being flung at her. She could only remember the kids kicking and beating her during the entire affair.

She claimed that despite her requests for him to halt, he first continued to drive.

Thurston claimed that the bus driver didn’t even try to put the bus on a stop. He didn’t do anything, not even call the police.

Even after screaming, “Stop the bus!” at the top of her lungs, the bus driver never made a halt.

The harrowing footage depicts the woman attempting to fend off her attackers until they violently push her off the bus after the driver eventually stopped.

She admitted to the station that the horrific attack had left her with bruises and a stiff neck; she also said that the beating had left her emotionally damaged.

People threw bottles at Thurston, shoved her, and some even choked her as they threw her off the bus, according to the woman who recorded portions of the incident.

According to the most recent data as of October 19, 2022, violent crime in the nation’s capital has decreased by 4% so far in 2022 compared to the same period in 2021. The statistics, however, indicate that violent crime had risen by 3% in 2021.




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