Biden Forgets Christmas Stocking for his Forgotten Seventh Grandchild

After an apparently viral video of the White House Christmas decorations went viral, President Joe Biden was criticized online. Emily Goodin, a US political reporter from shared the 15-second video on Twitter. It showed the first family’s Christmas stockings and Christmas trees hanging from the fireplace. One for each grandkid, despite the fact that the Bidens are grandparents of seven children.

President and first lady Jill Biden have four children: Hunter Biden, Ashley Biden, Naomi Christina Biden, and late Beau Biden.  They also have seven grandchildren. These are Navy Joan Roberts and Natalie Biden II, Navy Joan Roberts, Beau Biden Jr., Naomi Biden and Naomi Biden.


Bidens only had six stockings instead of seven. According to The Gateway Pundit, the 79-year old did not hang stockings on his mantle for Hunter Biden or adult entertainer Lunden Alexis Roberts’s daughter Navy Joan Roberts. Hunter was the father of the child, but it was proved two years later that the little one was born in 2018.

A private investigator claimed to have information about Hunter-Roberts’ settlement last November. He said, “The child is going to get nothing more, Joe does not recognize her as his blood. Hunter does not recognize Hunter, despite his DNA results.” Dominic Casey said to that there has been no contact with the child. This has been the case since the beginning, and it won’t change. It’s despicable.”

Meanwhile, several people reacted to Goodin’s video. A user asked, “Where’s the stocking for the poor lil grandchild left out???” The second one tweeted, “What kind of person intentionally doesn’t include a stocking for one of their grandchildren and then says ‘look all my grandchildren have stockings’? Sad.” “My grandparents put stockings up for all of their grandchildren. They don’t intentionally leave one out like Jill. It’s like poor Navy doesn’t even exist to her. Sad,” the third user added.

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