Biden Makes a Very Cringe Joke about Three Congressmen

While attempting to give a speech about health care for veterans, President Brandon undid any goodwill that the speech might have generated for him by making a very, very awkward joke about the three congressmen with him.

He stated the two African-American legislators who were present for the speech looked like they did and could play ball, and that the other one looked like he could bomb you.

Biden almost probably wasn’t attempting to be the very thing that progressives despise (racist). The two black Congressmen appear to be athletic, and Congressman Ellzey, the other guy, was a Navy fighter pilot who served in the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

So Biden was probably only attempting to flatter the three congressman by mentioning that two of them were athletes and the third was a gallant Navy pilot who had bombed terrorists.

But, as usual, his word choice was poor, and what should have been a witty joke or a lovely praise became really cringeworthy, especially if you don’t realize that Congressman Ellzey was a naval aviator who could and did bomb civilians in the Middle East.

Regardless, the rest of the address seemed to go reasonably well for a Biden speech, with the president staying on track and focusing on something essential and manageable: caring for veterans, particularly those who had cancer as a result of the Iraqi burn pits.

Following a tour of a VA facility in Fort Worth, Biden spoke about the steps his government is making to prevent veteran suicide.

There will be nine more respiratory cancers added to the list of ailments covered by veteran’s health care.

This is in reaction to scientific studies that suggests a relationship between the conditions and harmful vapors from so-called burn pits, which are commonly used by troops to dispose of garbage while on the move during combat missions.




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