Biden Nominee Could Be First Muslim on Federal Appellate Court

President Biden has revealed five new nominees for the federal bench, aiming to expand on the 150-plus judicial appointments that have been confirmed during his tenure. Among the nominees is the first Muslim-American candidate.

Through the recent nominations, the president is persisting in prioritizing diversity over qualifications, in an ongoing push for inclusivity and equity within the federal judiciary.

The president has put forth Adeel Mangi as a nominee for a seat on the Third Circuit Court of Appeals. If confirmed, Mangi would make history as the inaugural Muslim-American to sit on the circuit court.

Biden has also selected Nicole Berner, who serves as the general counsel for SEIU and identifies as a lesbian, as his nominee for the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.

The president has taken a significant step by nominating state court judge Cristal Brisco for the US District Court of the Northern District of Indiana. If confirmed, Brisco stands to make history as the pioneering black woman to bring her judicial expertise to the Northern District of Indiana Circuit Court. This nomination reflects a commitment to diversity and inclusivity in the judicial system.

Judge Gretchen Lund has been nominated to serve on the US District Court of the Northern District of Indiana. The president has nominated state court Judge Amy Baggio, a former federal public defender, for a position on the US District Court of Oregon.

Ed Siskel, the White House counsel, characterized Mangi, Berner, and Brisco as groundbreaking initial nominees. He mentioned that the president’s nominations align with his ongoing efforts to enhance demographic diversity within the federal judiciary.

As per the White House, Biden’s commitment to diversity, demonstrated by appointing public defenders and civil rights lawyers, has surpassed records set by previous presidents. This fulfills Biden’s pledge to ensure that the federal bench mirrors the diversity of the nation.

Up to this point, the Senate has approved 154 lifetime judges selected by President Biden. Among them, two-thirds have been women, and an equal proportion have been individuals of color, as reported by the White House.




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