Twice-Failed Democrat’s Nonprofit Under Investigation for Corruption

The New Georgia Project (NGP), a voter registration initiative led by Stacey Abrams, is currently facing increased attention regarding possible financial misconduct. Recent findings from a Politico investigation have brought forth allegations of corruption within the organization.

The NGP, previously led by Senator Raphael Warnock (D-GA) to promote civic engagement in marginalized communities in Georgia, is currently entangled in an internal investigation revealed by Politico. The organization experienced turmoil with the abrupt departure of its long-serving director, Nsé Ufot, and is now contending with demands for repayment related to allegedly unrelated expenses.

In the face of allegations, Ufot adamantly rejected the accusations as groundless, labeling them as unfounded assertions.

The NGP is currently dealing with an external ethics investigation in Georgia, accused of engaging in illegal political activities. Additionally, there’s an IRS dispute concerning payroll taxes, with the newly appointed CEO Kendra Davenport Cotton stating that it has purportedly been resolved.

Information from financial disclosures, internal records, and interviews with former staff, as reported by Politico, support claims of wrongdoing. This includes insufficient monitoring of expenses through prepaid Visa cards and mismanagement of salary advances.

During the election cycles of 2020 and 2021, NGP and its 501(c)4 action fund reportedly garnered significant amounts, with $36.4 million and $16.1 million, respectively. According to former staff members, the alleged financial misconduct is linked to the mismanagement of these substantial funds.

Abrams laid the foundation for NGP in 2014 but distanced herself following her gubernatorial setbacks in 2018 and 2022. Warnock assumed the role of NGP’s chairman in 2017 but resigned amid his 2020 Senate campaign, asserting no knowledge of any misconduct.

Regarding the ongoing financial dispute with NGP, Ufot sees the allegations as unfounded and vehemently denies them, dismissing them as absurd.




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