Biden Shocks With Bizarre Cancer Claim

On Wednesday, a videotape of President Biden appearing to say in a speech that he has cancer alarmed Twitter users.

In Somerset, Massachusetts, a former coal power plant, Biden was discussing new executive actions to combat climate change.

Biden mentioned his boyhood home in Delaware when talking about the devastation brought on by pollutants from oil refineries. He said that many of the folks he lived with growing up today had cancer.

Several Twitter users grabbed onto the video right after and questioned whether the phrase was another blunder or a startling admission.

Tom Bevan, the creator of RealClearPolitics, tweeted, “Cancer? This is either the biggest bombshell in presidential history or the biggest gaffe,”

“Pro Tip: Don’t say you have cancer when you don’t.” senior fellow Beverly Hallberg of the Independent Women’s Forum said.

“From the people who hyperventilate over demanding Trump told people to inject themselves with bleach, they sure are trying hard to avoid, ‘I and so many people my age have cancer because of windshield wipers cleaning oil off my car.'” wrote conservative blogger Chad Felix Greene in a tweet.

Perhaps Joe Biden intended to convey that he is a cancer to America, suggested Washington Times columnist Tim Young.

Although the comment astonished many users, several journalists, such as Glenn Kessler of The Washington Post and Sam Stein of Politico, thought that Biden was alluding to his prior excision of skin cancer.

It is well-known that President Biden did spend a lot of time in the sun when he was younger, according to a screenshot from a White House medical report from 2021 that Kessler also uploaded. Before he became president, he underwent Mohs surgery to remove a number of localized, non-melanoma skin tumors. The message was subsequently retweeted by deputy press secretary Andrew Bates.

President Obama’s popularity rating has dropped to a new low of 31%, according to a recent Quinnipac University survey, which was released as Biden issued new executive actions to combat climate change. Only 40% of Democrats said they would want to see him as their party’s presidential contender, according to the survey, which also revealed that 71 percent of Americans do not want Trump to run for office again in 2024.




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