Woke Corporations Are Promoting Abortion

As the progressive movement and its pro-abortion constituency have become more radical and vocal, the open union of abortion advocacy with corporate interests is a troubling development in American politics.

It appears that businesses are competing to be the most pro-abortion during the Dobbs period. Numerous CEOs are nearly falling over one another to declare that they would cover employees’ travel costs for out-of-state abortions.

Pro-abortion activists assert that enabling the public to have a vote on safeguarding unborn children and their pregnant moms is extremely unstable for companies and might save millions of lives.

Abortion on demand up to delivery, mandated by the Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade, has long been a boon to businesses searching for a justification to avoid putting family-friendly policies into place or giving them first priority. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that many of the same businesses that happily pay for abortion-related costs abuse their workers, especially women, by discriminating against pregnant workers and subjecting them to hazardous working conditions.

For instance, Amazon declared in May that it would provide up to $4,000 annually to cover abortion-related travel expenses. However, the State of New York filed a lawsuit against Amazon the same month alleging that the company required pregnant employees to take unpaid leave rather than making accommodations. 

At least seven employees sued the business after they were denied lodgings and dismissed after they became pregnant, it was revealed in 2019. The study states that they requested more frequent restroom breaks and less time spent standing up straight. Every time a worker told their management they were pregnant, they were dismissed.

Bank of America is considering providing perks connected to abortion and has been vocal in upholding Roe as established law. However, they have been accused of discriminating against pregnant employees on several instances, including one who allegedly received advice to get an abortion from a branch manager.

A huge fuss was made of Microsoft’s announcement that it would pay for abortion-related travel costs. The business, however, has been the target of several claims of discrimination against expectant employees, including one in which a management said that the organization didn’t want to squander a promotion on a worker in case she became pregnant.




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