Biden Visits Ireland, Takes Family With Him

Given his mixed British origin and the ties many Americans have to the area, President Joe Biden made a three-day trip to Ireland to commemorate the country’s 25th anniversary of the cease-fire with the UK. 

The president was accompanied by his first son, Hunter Biden, as well as his sister, Valerie Biden Owens. The New York Times said that the tour intended to emphasize the significance of “peace” and “rejecting political violence” between opposing factions. However, the president’s choice of traveling companions has been criticized by websites like Breitbart.

Brief stops were allegedly made by Biden in the president’s ancestral towns and at significant Belfast sites. The occasion honored the anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement, a pact that put an end to nearly 30 years of hostilities between the UK and Ireland. Irish Catholic nationalists and British Protestant troops were mostly at odds during the conflict, commonly referred to as “the Troubles.” It was initially got started because of disagreements about who should control Northern Ireland.

While the presidential visit resembled a family vacation, some people have expressed concern about the presence of Biden’s sister and son, two of his “key business associates” according to Breitbart. The Biden Institute at the University of Delaware provided an example of probable schemers’ emails where the three discussed methods to cash in on the family name. The institution, which the president founded, is led by Valerie Biden Owens and has received millions in unidentified donations from China.

Hunter Biden traveled to 29 foreign countries during Biden’s vice presidency, according to Judicial Watch. In 2010, 2011, 2013, and 2014, he traveled to China, perhaps to further family business interests. 

NBC News said that on at least one of those visits, the First Son had a meeting with Chinese financier Jonathan Li, presumably to seek money, despite Biden’s insistence that the two were simply buddies who had gone out. However, only ten days later, Hunter Biden acquired a 10% stake in a Chinese-backed investment vehicle that Li co-founded.

If more investments come from the Bidens’ most recent family vacation, only time will tell.




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