Unhinged Leftist Flips TPUSA Table at University of Washington (VIDEO)

At the University of Washington, a deranged leftist activist toppled a Turning Point USA table while yelling that the Republican students were “Nazis.”

Rachel Anderson, a TPUSA field agent, captured the event on camera on Thursday.

The activist said that the student organization supported “the genocide of trans kids” at the outset of the event.

A TPUSA member said, “That is such an assumption.”

“That’s such an assumption, right? With all of this s—. Right,” the protester answered, pointing at the supplies in front of him.

What anti-transgender materials they meant was questioned by a TPUSA member.

“You’re TPUSA, you dumb bitches. Whatever,” muttered the leftist.

Unable to refute the claim or offer a counterargument, the irate leftist tosses the entire table, scattering the buttons and flyers of the student organization.

In a statement on the event given to Fox News, TPUSA stated that despite the “mount of venom and rage coming from the extreme Trans Movement, they will not back down.

“Our students and their field staff supporters are the frontlines for so many of these cultural debates and controversies. They are subjected to being called the most horrible names, shunned and doxxed by fellow students, and persecuted by teachers and administrators. And they’re used to that. The organization is prepared for it. But the level of vitriol and anger that’s coming from the radical Trans Movement recently has been unlike anything we’ve seen. Rarely is there any debate or discussion. It almost always starts and ends with threats, tantrums and displays exactly like the one you see in this video from University of Washington. It’s unfortunate and it’s sad for these individuals, but it won’t deter TPUSA.”

University of Washington spokeswoman Michelle Ma criticized the communist activist’s conduct.

“We are aware of an incident that occurred earlier this week in which an individual flipped over a table being staffed by members of a UW Registered Student Organization, ‘Turning Point USA at UW.’ The University of Washington Police Department is in the process of investigating the incident and will pursue appropriate charges, if and when a suspect is identified,” Ma said. “Every student and member of our community has a right to peacefully express themselves without fear of intimidation, which is why actions like this are wholly unacceptable.”




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