Biden’s Role in Shoking Firing Exposed: Corruption Confirmed

In a surprising twist, Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin has emerged in an exclusive interview with Fox News to validate the claims that President Joe Biden had a hand in his dismissal. This disclosure brings attention to the allegations of corruption linked to the Biden family’s connections with the Ukrainian energy firm, Burisma Holdings.

Shokin was probing the questionable dealings of Burisma at a time when Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, conveniently obtained a well-paid position on the company’s board of directors. The conspicuous absence of suitable qualifications raised a multitude of doubts, prompting many to wonder how he secured such a prestigious position.

Nonetheless, the controversy doesn’t conclude at that point. Shokin’s dismissal has been linked to the influence exerted by Joe Biden during his time as Vice President in the Obama administration. Biden openly acknowledged pressuring Ukraine to oust Shokin from his role by leveraging the possibility of withholding $1 billion in financial assistance.

In a public statement, Biden openly acknowledged, “I said, ‘You’re not getting the billion. I’m going to be leaving here.’ If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money.” These statements validate the suspicion that Biden was resolute in safeguarding his son and ensuring the cessation of the Burisma investigation.

In his exclusive interview with Fox, Shokin unequivocally confirms Biden’s account. “I have said repeatedly that Poroshenko fired me at the insistence of the then Vice President Biden because I was investigating Burisma,” Shokin disclosed. Additionally, he elaborated that both Joe and Hunter Biden were engaged in corrupt actions, and he holds the belief that they received illicit payments.

This disclosure corresponds with an FBI informant report that suggested the Bidens received $5 million each to orchestrate Shokin’s removal. The accumulation of evidence is increasingly incriminating the Biden family, exposing their unethical activities in Ukraine.

As expected, Joe Biden refutes his own narrative, with White House spokesperson Ian Sams dismissing Shokin’s statements as inaccurate assertions. They reject the accusations, seeking to undermine Shokin by labeling his office as a center of corruption. However, the evidence stands on its own.

The mainstream media, including Fox News, has a duty to illuminate this scandal and ensure Joe Biden is answerable for his deeds. It is profoundly disconcerting that an individual who professes to champion honesty and openness would willingly partake in such evident corruption to safeguard his own family’s interests.

The American populace deserves to be informed of the truth and grasp the extent of the Biden family’s engagement in foreign impropriety. The proof is amassing, and it is time for a comprehensive inquiry into Joe Biden’s role in orchestrating Shokin’s removal and the advantageous gains that followed for his son. We must not allow corruption to evade scrutiny and remain unpunished, regardless of the individuals involved.




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