University Investigating Baseball Coach’s Ban of Player for Hair Length

A widely circulated video depicting a Valdosta State University baseball player facing potential expulsion from the team by his coach due to his hair’s length has prompted an inquiry. This video was shared on TikTok under the caption, “Valdosta State University 2023 or 1945,” and it was posted by Asher Akridge, a former member of the Valdosta State University baseball team.

Within the video, the voice, likely that of Greg Guilliams, the head coach of Valdosta State University’s baseball team, can be heard informing the player that he cannot participate due to his hairstyle. Subsequently, the player is heard explaining to the coach that the rule stipulates hair must be kept below a certain length, and he asserts his compliance with this regulation. Nevertheless, the coach maintains his stance, insisting that the player must trim his hair to be eligible to play.

In the video, the coach acknowledges his failure to effectively communicate the rules to the player. He expressed that he should have initially clarified, before anyone participated, “This is what you’ve got to do with your hair.”  

The coach admitted, “I didn’t do that.”

However, when the player tried to raise concerns about the hair lengths of other teammates, the coach swiftly dismissed the idea. He emphasized his position as the head coach and asserted that discussing other players was not on the table. Even when the player argued that his own hair had been trimmed, the coach maintained, “It’s not short enough to be on the baseball team.”

In the year 2022, Akridge participated in his freshman season at Jacksonville State University before making a move to Valdosta State University in Georgia.

As of August 24, the Office of Human Resources at Valdosta State University made an announcement indicating an ongoing investigation into the situation. They stated their intent to take appropriate personnel actions if the investigation uncovers any breaches of university policies.

On TikTok, the video had garnered over 440,000 views by August 24th.




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