Bodycam Video Shows Police Take Out Armed Man Holding Baby Hostage

A police sniper neutralizes an armed guy on the run who kidnapped a baby hostage, as captured on bodycam footage.

Oscar Alcantara was sought by law police on Feb. 17 in St. George, Utah, after a firearm was displayed.

A lady exited Alcantara’s vehicle after police stopped it. The lady alerted police that Alcantara had abducted her child. Alcantara sped away from the cops, leading them on a 30-mile pursuit near Beaver Dam, Arizona.

“Put the child down on the ground, we will not pursue you!” a police officer cried to Alcantara when the vehicle was halted.

Alcantara declined the offer, then took the baby and fled into the desert. He then leveled his rifle at the infant he’d kidnapped.

“Oscar stop! We don’t want to hurt you!” said an officer.

During the hostage crisis, Alcantara aimed his revolver at law police while hiding behind greenery.

The armed individual is being pursued by police officers, according to body camera footage. After that, a police sniper opened fire on Alcantara, killing him while he was cradling the infant.

The 30-year-old suspect was pursued by police. The infant was not hurt and was safely transported.

The shooting is still being investigated. The Mohave County Attorney’s Office is currently going through hours of video from the fatal shooting and interviewing dozens of officers and witnesses.




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