MTG Renews Push to Remove Speaker Johnson

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene from Georgia sharply criticized notable Republican figures in Congress during her recent Fox News appearance. She specifically singled out House Speaker Mike Johnson and departing Representative Mike Gallagher from Wisconsin. Greene, recognized for her boldness within the GOP, spoke candidly during her interview with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures.

She directly accused Speaker Johnson, rebuking him for what she perceives as his contribution to the diminishing Republican majority in the House of Representatives. In particular, Greene disapproved of Johnson’s choice to permit Gallagher’s postponed departure until April 19th, which she contends jeopardizes the party’s control over crucial seats.

Greene’s criticism wasn’t limited to Johnson; she also took aim at Gallagher and Representative Ken Buck of Colorado, suggesting that their premature resignations could inadvertently bolster Democratic power. Greene seems primarily concerned with swiftly filling the congressional vacancy left by Gallagher’s departure to prevent Democrats from making gains in a historically Republican area. To accomplish this objective, she’s spearheading efforts to oust Gallagher from Congress before the April 19th cutoff, thereby aiding the state in selecting a replacement candidate.

Yet, Greene’s aspirations reach further than just removing Gallagher. She’s equally resolute in her mission to oust Speaker Johnson, although she admits she hasn’t yet brought the motion to the House floor. Characterizing her efforts as akin to serving a pink slip to the current speaker, Greene insists it’s high time for the GOP to seek new leadership. 

Her critique of Speaker Johnson is centered around his backing of a $1.2 trillion appropriations bill to fund the federal government until September. She contends that Johnson’s failure to allow adequate time for Republicans and the public to examine the bill signifies the end of his tenure as speaker.

During her fervent speech, Greene stressed her dedication to instigating transformation within the Republican Party, stating that ousting Johnson wouldn’t hinder former President Donald Trump’s presidential aspirations. She counters critiques suggesting that leaving the speakership unfilled could politically disadvantage Republicans in an election year, reframing it as a crucial move toward rejuvenating the party.




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