Building Collapses in Idaho, Leading to Search and Rescue

Three individuals lost their lives, and nine others were injured following the collapse of an airport hangar in Boise, Idaho. The cause of this significant incident remains unknown at this time. Additionally, the disaster has led to disruptions in traffic on a nearby interstate.

On the evening of January 31, just before 5 p.m., an under-construction hangar at Boise Airport unexpectedly gave way. Boise Fire Division Chief Aaron Hummel characterized the collapse as extensive and significantly disastrous. Images from the incident revealed the substantial, unfinished structure completely demolished, with partially erected wall segments tilting inward at sharp angles. Hummel noted that the collapsing building also caused the collapse of a construction crane that was in use.

As per rescue personnel, three individuals lost their lives in the hangar collapse, with nine others sustaining injuries, five of whom are now classified in critical condition by medical professionals. Chief Hummel emphasized the necessity for an extensive emergency response to address the incident. 

It is highly likely that all the casualties were construction workers. Public relations consultant Jessica Flynn, representing the hangar’s owner, confirmed that a substantial number of individuals, described as “dozens,” were present at the site during the building collapse.

The hangar, situated on airport property, was owned by the private company Jackson Jet Center, specializing in aircraft rental services. This ownership was part of an $8.1 million initiative to enhance the company’s charter flight operations in Boise, aiming for a 39,000-square-foot capacity.

On Wednesday night, Chief Hummel mentioned the difficulty of the rescue operation due to individuals trapped on an elevated platform within the wreckage. Nevertheless, the chief later confirmed that first responders have successfully located and identified everyone present at the scene during the occurrence of the accident.

An inquiry by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has been initiated to examine the collapse. Initial findings suggest that workers had erected the steel frame of the hangar, but the accident occurred before they could complete the full connection.

The collapse did not impact the operations of Boise Airport. Nevertheless, there were delays in traffic on the adjacent segment of Interstate 84.




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