Conservative Latina Candidate Amasses War Chest to Flip Dem-Controlled Border District

Mayra Flores, a prominent conservative figure within the Hispanic community and a former Republican Representative, has revealed an impressive accomplishment in fundraising for her campaign to recapture the congressional seat in Texas’ 34th District, presently occupied by a Democrat. 

Having served a brief term in the District from 2022 to 2023, Flores announced a notable achievement in her campaign finances. She garnered more than $970,000 from 16,617 distinct contributors spanning all 50 states in the fourth quarter of 2023.

In a statement exclusively provided to Fox News Digital, Flores conveyed appreciation for the tremendous backing her campaign has garnered. She underscored that voters, both within the Rio Grande Valley and across the nation, widely recognize the significant challenges confronting the southern border.

Flores claimed that the issue of illegal immigration is escalating uncontrollably, attributing responsibility to Democrats. She specifically pointed fingers at President Joe Biden and Congressman Vicente Gonzalez for the situation.

Flores mentioned that her team is diligently engaged every day in promoting their message of enhancing education and healthcare, reducing expenses for families, fortifying border security, and reinstating America’s greatness. She stressed that these are the exact initiatives she intends to pursue from the moment she returns to office, placing the residents of TX-34 at the forefront.

Former Republican Representative Mayra Flores achieved a historic milestone with her initial congressional win in June 2022. She secured victory in a special election to fill a vacant seat in the traditionally Democratic and predominantly Hispanic region along the U.S.-Mexico border. Notwithstanding this achievement, her time in office was brief, primarily because of Texas’ redistricting following the 2020 Census. In the ensuing 2022 midterm elections, Flores encountered a challenging contest against the Democratic incumbent Representative Vicente Gonzalez and was ultimately unsuccessful.

Undaunted by the misfortune, Flores declared her decision to once again contest against Rep. Gonzalez in June of the subsequent year. Her campaign maintains a robust emphasis on matters concerning the border crisis and the Hispanic community in South Texas. She contends that these issues have been overlooked by the Democratic Party.

The imminent Republican Primary showcases a competitive array of candidates, including Flores, who is up against prominent figures like Gregory Kunkle, Jr, former congressional candidate Mauro Garza, and Dr. Laura Cisneros, an oncologist and former Democrat. While analysts often suggest a Democratic advantage in the race, there is currently no substantial polling data available.




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