California Councilman Robbed While Speaking to Shop Owners About Crime (VIDEO)

Emeryville council member Kalimah Priforce discovered that his wallet and keys were taken from his bicycle bag at Bay Street Mall. He highlighted the importance of panic buttons for stores lacking private security, suggesting a direct police connection to eliminate the need for dialing police dispatch. This insight was shared as he realized the theft, as per a report by Fox News.

After becoming aware of the disappearance of his belongings, Priforce contacted the police to officially document the incident.

“The thing is that they’re not going to get much from it, I am on a politician’s budget. But no, everything is digital now. The criminals will adapt and we have to adapt with them.”

Priforce emphasized the necessity for politicians to take additional measures in safeguarding business proprietors.

“Better prepared, better cameras, better surveillance, better ways of being able to protect our local businesses. Unfortunately, we place more emphasis on luxury-rate market apartments in our cities than we do on our public safety.”

On the day prior to the theft, a large group of teenagers gathered at the mall, leading to a significant altercation. According to CBS News, the situation escalated to the point where a gunshot was discharged, an individual was stabbed, and employees at establishments like Bath & Body Works took refuge in the stockroom. Police indicated that the turmoil originated from approximately 50 teenagers within a store before spilling outside.




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