Teacher Suspected of Assaulting Minor Gifted Him a Gun, Prosecutors Say

This Monday, a 34-year-old Wisconsin woman who taught eighth graders at a private Lutheran school was detained on suspicion of sexually assaulting one of the pupils. Additionally, according to the local authorities, she bought the pupil a gun and presented it to him on his 14th birthday.

Tyesha Bolden, who is 20 years older than the 14-year-old kid she is accused of molesting, was detained on suspicion of giving a dangerous weapon to a minor and second-degree sexual assault on a child, both felonies. This week, she was freed on a $2,500 bond.

Upon scrutinizing their child’s mobile phone, the parents stumbled upon a staggering count of more than 2,200 messages that had been exchanged between their child and the teacher. These messages encompassed explicit sexual content and even contained nude images of the 34-year-old teacher. Subsequently, on July 25th, the victim’s mother contacted the police, revealing that the 14-year-old had absconded with a relative’s car and there were suspicions of him being located at Bolden’s residence.

Moving ahead to July 28th, law enforcement intercepted the 14-year-old while he was operating the stolen vehicle. During this encounter, officers came across an unlawfully possessed firearm in his possession. Further investigation led to the firearm and its ammunition being traced back to Range USA, a source where evidence in the form of receipts and surveillance footage indicated that the acquisition had been made by Bolden in June.

In a police interview, the victim acknowledged that Bolden had driven them to a wooded area where they had intercourse. After that, he claimed he requested Bolden to get him a gun “for protection,” which she did by getting him a Gen 5 Glock 19 and giving it to him on his 14th birthday along with some “books” and ammo, according to the victim. He said the relationship ended after she refused his request for her to purchase him a second pistol in late July.

When the school system learned of Bolden’s improper relationship with a kid, they dismissed her right away and also called the police. She might receive up to 40 years in prison.




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