Cargo Plane Operated By Ukraine Carrier Crashes In Greece

According to police, all eight crew members were killed when a Ukrainian cargo plane carrying weapons from Serbia to Bangladesh crashed in Greece on Saturday.

According to Greek and Serbian officials, the An-12 cargo jet had engine issues and was attempting to make an emergency landing when it crashed into a field of maize in Kavala, a city in northern Greece, on Saturday.

The Russian-Ukrainian War had nothing to do with the occurrence. The eight crew members’ names were not immediately made public.

According to Serbian authorities, the aircraft was transporting to Bangladesh more than 25,000 pounds of weapons, including mortar and practice rounds developed in Serbia.

An airport was just around 25 miles away when the Soviet-built turboprop An-12 crashed.

According to witnesses, the jet seemed to crash in a ball of flames.

“It was full of smoke, it had a noise I can’t describe and went over the mountain. It passed the mountain and turned and crashed into the fields. I wonder how it didn’t fall on our houses,” witness Aimilia Tsaptanova stated.

Due to potential chemical contamination from the jet, locals were advised to cover their windows, remain indoors, and use masks.

Firefighters noticed white dust floating in the air and felt their lips burning, but experts judged it was not harmful.

According to officials, several people in the area also lost electricity. Meridian Airline, a Ukrainian-based airline, was running the route.




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