CDC Seems to Have Covered up Data Showing Masking Kids in Schools Is Pointless

Although I realize that trusting the CDC with COVID information is a little like trusting a serial murderer to take care of your children, it seems a bit excessive.

The CDC was caught hiding data that showed mask mandates do not make statistically significant differences in school infection rates. This is a shocking revelation. The CDC decided to not include this information in the current guidance and its latest report.

It is important to note that the study measured differences in schools that required masks. What it didn’t do was actually test the direct efficacy of masks, though, there’s plenty of evidence on that front, as well, that they aren’t an effective mitigation measure. The biggest question is whether mask mandates actually make a difference.

Even if one is a firm believer in masks despite the overwhelming amount of data showing no correlation between wearing them and community spread, it’s clear that children will never be able to wear them properly over a seven-hour day. Masks are becoming increasingly useless as interactions and efficacy decrease. Never mind that almost all children are wearing cloth or surgical masks, which studies have shown aren’t effective.

In a hypothetical scenario, an N95 mask would be worn, cleaned to the highest standards, and never removed. This provides statistically significant protection in situations with multiple interactions. However, this is not the reality that we live in. The policy should be based on reality. This is not what the CDC has been doing. Instead, I believe they have been making policies based on what will protect politicians. This data would have meant that Dr. Fauci and Joe Biden would have to admit Ron DeSantis had been right if it was included in the CDC’s report and guidance. That’s not possible, is it?

As Ron DeSantis said recently, this isn’t about science. Instead, it’s about politicians covering their own backsides by “doing something” even if the science says it’s not useful.

The mask has become a crutch that can be used to blame all failures on the non-use of masks despite mountains and mountains of contradictory data that show mask mandates don’t make any difference.

Japan continues to be the starkest example of this, though, there are many, many others.

Let’s face it, even if I knew that masks work, I would not be for mandates. I am a conservative. However, I would still promote them and follow any recommendations for wearing them. But I see too much data showing that masks and their mandating do not correlate with spread. Further, the CDC withheld information that would have supported that fact about mask mandates for school children further damages their already tattered credibility.

While I know fact-checkers are going to be a bit scathing about this article, it doesn’t repeat government orthodoxy. I would ask the person who is assigned to “check” this data to examine the data. It doesn’t mean that something is true just because it is stated by the CDC. Science should be based upon objective, unambiguous data, especially when it comes to policy decisions. This is not the case and is causing real harm to our ability to combat this pandemic.




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