Chanting Against Biden and They’re Not Holding Back

Prior to his defeats in Afghanistan, Joe Biden was struggling in the polls. After that disaster, when it became so obvious to the public how badly he had failed to get Americans and Afghan allies out of Afghanistan before pulling out the troops, his numbers crashed.

People are fed up. He’s not only underwater in the polls but he’s also underwater by a lot. At last check, he was down by four points, which is a significant drop and 51% disapproval. These are very poor numbers for Biden.

As we reported, most thought he should resign in a Rasmussen poll. Sixty percent agreed with him being impeached.

When it leads to Americans being killed, a demented grandpa is not something Americans want to see. For many people, the veil of anonymity that Biden had been given by the media suddenly fell off and they were able to see how deficient a leader and person he really was. Although the media might try to spin him for the future, it will be difficult to put that genie back in a bottle, especially if he fails to address ongoing issues.

The 18-25-year-old age group is one of the most likely to believe he still has a hold on, and tends to be more liberal.

However, the evidence from this weekend suggests that there could be a movement against Joe Biden.

We showed you some of the joy of the football games this weekend, of people coming together by the thousands, dispensing with COVID fear porn. It was amazing to witness.

But there was something else in evidence, too, at some of these games – disgust at Joe Biden. People actually chanting “F**k you, Joe Biden.”

Warning: The Use graphic language below

He was allowed to wear red, white, and blue by the Aggies student section.

It is even being used in sports bars and concert venues.

It could be a movement. It really could be. This is a bad sign for Biden but it’s a positive sign for America that these people have his number.




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