Pregnant American Describes Being Trapped in Afghanistan

It is not known how many Americans were trapped in Afghanistan behind enemy lines when Joe Biden freed them all.

The Biden administration claimed that the number was below 200, even closer to 100. They have not been reliable and many of their statements are false. It’s regrettable that we cannot rely on anything they have to say.

A 25-year-old Californian woman named Nasria is one of the Americans who was left behind. who was interviewed by the Voice of America’s Carla Babb. In June, Nasria traveled to Afghanistan to see her family and to marry her long-term boyfriend. She is now pregnant.

She and her husband tried to flee the country, but they couldn’t leave after it fell. The chaos caused her flight to be cancelled. She tried several times to get into the airport but couldn’t, even though she was within 15 feet of the gate at one point. She claimed that she was told by the State Department that they would be there to help her, but that they didn’t.

“Am I going to end up dying here?” Nasria wondered. She described how they started shooting as she tried to make it past a checkpoint, and they pointed a gun to her head. Her husband begged the Taliban to let her in without him, but they wouldn’t. Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), who has been trying to help her, says she was also kicked in the stomach, at one point, by the Taliban. He says he’s still working on alternatives to get her out.

According to Nasria, the Taliban are going door-to-door hunting Americans in search of blue American passports. She claims that the State Department advised her to stay put and that they would get her. She is losing faith. She is losing hope.

Joe Biden had said he would get every American out before the pullout, but then left us stranded with who knows how many like Nasria. Many were trying to get out through the help of members of Congress like Rep. Issa, who said he was also in contact with an elderly couple in their 80s.

There was another group of about 27 children from California, as well as a woman named “Sara” with 37 other Americans who had called into Chris Cuomo’s MSNBC show. These are just a few of the groups we know. There are many more people who may not believe it safe to share their information.

Biden hopes people will forget and that all this slowly recedes. We wouldn’t allow him to forget.




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