Crossing guard caught on video shoving and cursing at student

An irritable crossing guard assaulted and yelled at a youngster outside Queens Metropolitan High School. A frightening video is displayed.

Officials said it was unknown what enraged the guard, who was removed from her duty following the Tuesday altercation. The incident is being investigated by the NYPD.

“Ok, stupid?” the guard says at the opening of the 55-second footage and shoves the adolescent before yelling aggressively, “Listen… listen… pay attention while I’m talking to you, you stupid ass!”

As he tries to move away, the student shouts, “Don’t f–king touch me.”

“Stop touching me, bro!” shouts the child when the guard cuts him off and collides with him. ”

“I’m going to get her fired,” the individual allegedly filming the altercation says earlier in the clip.

Outside the university gate, a crossing guard was stationed on Metropolitan Avenue. The Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School, or MELS, and a program for disabled children are also housed in the building.

After the incident was brought up at a community Zoom meeting Tuesday night, Queens Metropolitan Principal Saida Rodriguez contacted families about it on Wednesday morning.

The incident was promptly reported to the New York Police Department, which hires and oversees school crossing guards, as well as the city Department of Education, the Department of Community Affairs, and the Borough Safety Director, according to Rodriguez.

The crossing guard has been suspended without pay, according to the NYPD, and the incident is being investigated internally. A spokeswoman declined to identify the employee or respond to any inquiries regarding the event.




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