Delaware Attorney Kepted Hunter Biden Investigation A Secret during 2020 election

This morning, it was revealed that the Trump-nominated US attorney in Delaware kept Hunter Biden’s investigation secret throughout the 2020 election. He even refused to take any action (search warrants or grand juries) that would have made it known to the public.

 I have mixed feelings about this. It would have been politicized on both sides. The left would have claimed that a Trump-appointed US attorney was trying to sabotage the elder Biden’s chances of winning the presidency. They used it against Trump. Many on the right and the Trump campaign would have used the investigation to prove the Biden Crime family’s crimes. I can understand this, but it would have been used against Biden. This is why I understand the concerns about making it public.

On the other hand, I fear that evidence could be destroyed if warrants are not issued. This could lead to a complete case collapse. This is more troubling than the politicization or politicization of high-profile cases. I believe that the team should have pursued the case despite possible politicization. While people will tell you what they want to, integrity is the only thing that matters.

Another problem with waiting is the so-called credibility of the case. It is claimed that it has more credibility now, but I don’t believe that’s true. I think there will be many who, possibly many, simply claim that the US Attorney was part and parcel of the swamp, and didn’t want Trump winning the election. That is why they hid it.




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