Dem Gov Unwittingly Helps GOP Candidate Running Against Her

This week’s discussion between the candidates for New York’s next governor didn’t go well for the incumbent liberal. Her obvious lack of enthusiasm in addressing New Yorkers’ top concerns is beginning to become apparent.

The race between Democratic candidate for governor of New York Kathy Hochul and Republican opponent Lee Zeldin has proven to be much closer than anticipated. Although Zeldin actually edged out Hochul by a tiny margin in recent polls, Zeldin had a comfortable lead when the election first got underway.

New York is experiencing a wave of violent crime, and voters now prioritize law and order as a top concern. Voters can clearly see that Hochul doesn’t get that after the candidates’ debate on October 25.

Hochul backed the contentious 2019 bail revisions in New York, which the state scaled back in response to public outcry about the outcomes. Hochul is on the back foot as a result of Zeldin’s constant attention to law and order concerns during the campaign. Zeldin brought up the matter once more during the debate on Tuesday, pointing out that the governor hasn’t changed his position on locking up criminals. Hochul retorted angrily at that time, saying, “I don’t know why that’s so important to you! ”

Social media for conservatives immediately erupted. Greg Gutfield of Fox referred to it as the career-ending question. Zeldin claimed that Hochul’s liberal stance on crime is to blame for New York’s leading position in population decline across the country.

Voters will have the opportunity to remove Hochul from the governor’s house on November 8, and this discussion greatly increases the likelihood of that happening.




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