Joe Blatantly Lies About Why He Quit College Football

Biden has behaved increasingly bizarrely over the previous three weeks, almost literally every day.

He apologized to no one after a recent speech, grabbed the shoulder of one woman, and creepily caressed the cheek of another woman.

He then stammered incoherently for several minutes in response to a reporter’s question about Democrats being reluctant to invite him to campaign events before never once expressing a clear, logical thought.

But on Thursday, he went back to lying outright, which is what he’s done most consistently throughout his entire career.

Biden said, in yet another speech, that he had given up a starting position on his college football team in order to spend every weekend with his first wife.

Of course, that endearing tale isn’t actually true.

Because of his terrible grades, Biden was virtually forced to drop out, as he even acknowledged in his 2007 autobiography.

However, Biden has never allowed facts to stand in the way of a compelling narrative.

Imagine if the mainstream media paid attention to the truth and accuracy of the politicians it backs. If former President Donald Trump had said something similar, it would have dominated the evening news for days, with the fact-checking complex frequently citing it as an example of a president who cannot be believed.

Nevertheless, as is his habit, Biden will get away with it because the media always makes excuses for his errors, inappropriate actions, and clear mental decline.

Fortunately, many members of the general public have recognized the clear political objective despite the media’s best attempts.

The fact that Biden not only lied about the reason he left college football, but also lied about having a 1.9 GPA at the University of Delaware, may be the best example of the kind of person and politician he is.




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