Dem Politician Accidentally Slips And Tells The Truth About Media Bias

Isn’t it wonderful to see them letting things slide? Florida’s agriculture commissioner Nikki Fried accidentally made an astonishing admission about the nature of activist media and its role in the Democratic Party’s Ministry of Propaganda.

Fried, who is also running to be governor, tweeted on Thursday that she predicted the Sunshine State would turn to Democrats in 2022. She wrote, “Ron DeSantis is Fox News, but I have all the other news. Florida will be blue by 2022” 


Fried offered another example to prove that activist media favors the left. This tweet attracted a lot of ridicule from the right. These are some of the responses.

Fried’s momentary act of inadvertent honesty doesn’t tell us anything that we don’t already understand. Even Democrats refuse to admit that Fox News is the only right-leaning cable network reaching significant numbers of Americans. The entertainment and print media industries are also dominated by the left.

Conservatives still have the ability to communicate their views to the public through podcasts, blogs, and other media. Big Tech and its allies in federal government are trying to reduce perspectives that they don’t agree with.

Social media companies such as Facebook are still embroiled in a dispute with the Biden administration. They believe they are not doing enough for the suppression of opinions about the coronavirus which are not Democrat-approved. Further, Senator Amy Klobuchar presented a bill Thursday that would attack Section 230, the Decency in Communications Act. This law shields online platforms against legal liability for any content shared on their sites.

Klobuchar’s proposal is likely to fail more than President Joe Biden’s if he was forced to give a speech unscripted. However, the truth is that the left will not be content with the dominance they enjoy over American media and institutions.




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