Democrat Rep. Makes Suicide Joke on Floor of House of Representatives

On Tuesday, Democratic Representative Sydney Kamlager-Dove drew a joke concerning suicide while speaking on the House floor. The congress convened to elect a new speaker. 

Rep. Sydney Kamlager-Dove demonstrated her contempt for her position by pointing a gun toward her head.

Jim Jordan faced a formidable challenge in his quest for the Speakership during the initial ballot. Jordan, widely recognized as a staunch conservative and a founding luminary of the influential House Freedom Caucus, found himself in a demanding position as he garnered significant attention during the leadership vote held this past Tuesday. 

Despite his unwavering commitment to his principles, Jordan encountered resistance within his own party, with a total of 20 GOP votes cast in opposition to his candidacy during this pivotal electoral event: 

1. Don Bacon – Nebraska’s 2nd District

2. Ken Buck – Colorado’s 4th District

3. Lori Chavez-DeRemer – Oregon’s 5th District

4. Anthony D’Esposito – New York’s 4th District

5. Mario Diaz-Balart – Florida’s 26th District

6. Jake Ellzey – Texas’s 6th District

7. Andrew Garbarino – New York’s 2nd District

8. Carlos Gimenez – Florida’s 28th District

9. Tony Gonzales – Texas’s 23rd District

10. Kay Granger – Texas’s 12th District

11. John James – Michigan’s 10th District

12. Mike Kelly – Pennsylvania’s 16th District

13. Jennifer Kiggans – Virginia’s 2nd District

14. Nick LaLota – New York’s 1st District

15. Doug LaMalfa – California’s 1st District

16. Michael Lawler – New York’s 17th District

17. John Rutherford – Florida’s 5th District

18. Victoria Spartz – Indiana’s 5th District

19. Michael Simpson – Idaho’s 2nd District

20. Steve Womack – Arkansas’s 3rd District

Subsequent to the initial vote, Acting Speaker Patrick McHenry officially proclaimed a recess, allowing members of the assembly a brief respite. This intermission serves as a prelude to the forthcoming deliberations, with expectations running high for another round of voting scheduled to convene on the upcoming Tuesday.




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