DOJ Files Charges Against Republican Lawmaker George Santos In Federal Probe

According to reports from CNN and NBC, Rep. George Santos, a Republican lawmaker known for making exaggerated and untrue statements about his personal and professional experiences, has been officially accused by federal prosecutors. The charges against him have not been specified at this time. However, there have been ongoing investigations conducted by the FBI and the Justice Department prosecutors in New York and Washington, primarily focused on his campaign finance reports, which are suspected to contain false information.

As reported by CNN and NBC, it is anticipated that Santos might make an appearance at a federal court in New York’s eastern district, where charges against him have supposedly been submitted confidentially. This court appearance could potentially take place as early as Wednesday. These charges signify a significant escalation in the numerous investigations that Santos has been confronting since assuming office. Despite facing inquiries from the House Ethics Committee and other legal investigations, the embroiled congressman declared his intention to run for reelection just last month. 

The ethics committee has decided to establish a subcommittee composed of two Republicans and two Democrats to examine whether Santos engaged in “unlawful activity” during his 2022 campaign and to investigate a sexual misconduct allegation involving a staff member.

USA TODAY’s request for comment went unanswered by Santos’ office. The Brooklyn US Attorney’s office and the FBI declined to provide any comments when approached by USA TODAY. Additionally, the Justice Department, to which the inquiry was redirected, also declined to comment on the matter.




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