Iran Seizes Another Oil Tanker

Iran is persisting in its resistance to US sanctions, with reports indicating that on April 27, Iranian commandos intercepted a tanker that was en route to Texas. This action is believed to be a form of retribution for the US confiscation of an Iranian vessel that was violating sanctions last month. Furthermore, there are reports of Iran seizing yet another tanker, which has raised concerns about the potential impact of their campaign.

In the South China Sea, an Iranian tanker carrying illegal oil exports disappeared last month, and it is believed that US forces seized it as part of their sanctions against Iran for continuing with its nuclear weapons program. Soon after this incident, Iranian Navy commandos boarded the MV Advantage Sweet in the Gulf of Oman, claiming that it was detained due to a collision with an Iranian vessel the previous night. 

However, experts suspect that this was actually retaliation for the seizure of Iran’s own tanker. The MV Niovi, a second tanker, was boarded by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps six days later in the Strait of Hormuz, although it was empty at the time and heading to the United Arab Emirates.

The Strait of Hormuz and the Gulf of Oman are strategically significant waterways through which most of the Persian Gulf’s oil and gas is shipped. Due to its proximity to Iranian territory, Iran has frequently used the Strait as a chokepoint to harass, attack or seize tankers. 

With a significant portion of the world’s oil production and natural gas passing through the Strait, Iran could exacerbate global energy shortages by reducing traffic and increasing prices. This could pose a challenge to President Biden’s attempts to control inflation.




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