Dollar Tree and Family Dollar Closing 1,000 Stores

Dollar Tree, which acquired Family Dollar in 2015, could be experiencing adverse impacts from its swift expansion. In its recent financial report, it disclosed significant losses, yet its leadership remains optimistic about their strategic trajectory. To mitigate the situation, they plan to shutter approximately 1,000 stores.

On March 13, Dollar Tree issued a press release outlining its quarterly financial report. According to the statement, approximately 600 stores are slated for closure in the first half of fiscal 2024, with an additional 370 to follow as their leases lapse. The company’s decision to part ways with these locations is attributed to its “portfolio optimization review,” which seems to imply a strategic effort to trim unprofitable ventures in pursuit of revitalization.

The company disclosed a decline in stock value of $7.85 per share, primarily attributed to the struggles faced by the Family Dollar brand. Dollar Tree encountered unforeseen challenges, including losses from liability claims, exacerbating the consequences of what appears to be an unsuccessful acquisition.

Within the company’s financial data is a significant $1.07 billion goodwill impairment charge, indicating that its acquisition of Family Dollar was made at a price surpassing its market worth. Initially anticipating profitable returns, the company now faces a decline in the value of this acquired asset. Such a substantial impairment of goodwill diminishes the company’s net worth, suggesting that ongoing losses incurred by Family Dollar might escalate, impacting the overall value of the Dollar Tree brand in a compounding manner.

While the closure of nearly 1,000 stores may appear significant, the company maintains a robust presence with over 16,000 stores spanning the continental US and parts of Canada. Dollar Tree boasts a longstanding history, originating in Norfolk, Virginia, in 1953 as a Ben Franklin variety store. Undergoing a rebrand as K&K 5&10 before adopting the Dollar Tree name, the company remains committed to providing customers with exceptional value and quality merchandise.




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