Elon Musk Under Investigation For Allegedly Buying Glass House

According to the Wall Street Journal, Tesla has launched an internal investigation to investigate if the millions of dollars’ worth of glass ordered by the firm was intended to be utilized in the construction of Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s mysterious glass house project.

Within Tesla, the top-secret project was known as “Project 42,” and its blueprints planned for a glass-walled building complete with bedrooms, a kitchen, and bathrooms, as reported by the Journal’s anonymous sources.

The facility, which would serve as Musk’s “home,” is said to be near Tesla’s Austin offices. Conceptual images show a beachfront building with a waterfall and the Tesla headquarters in the distance.

Some employees at Tesla had doubts about an order for millions of dollars’ worth of specialist glass because they had no idea what it will be used for. As a result of these worries, an investigation was launched to determine whether or not Musk was personally responsible for the misuse of company resources.

The findings of an internal investigation into the glass order could not be learned, and the Wall Street Journal reports that it is unclear whether or not the glass was ever delivered.

The same is true of the mysterious Project 42, the state of which is unknown at this time.

Forbes claims that Elon Musk’s low-maintenance lifestyle is at odds with the designs for the future structure.

Musk boasted last year in a tweet that the SpaceX-provided home he leases in Boca Chica, Texas was “literally” under $50,000.

However, Musk’s close buddy and PayPal co-founder Ken Howery reportedly has a mansion with eight thousand square feet.

Musk has also said that he just owns a Bay Area home for hosting parties there.

The billionaire reneged on his promise to never own a home in 2020 and sold five properties in California for $130 million.




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