Experts Warn Russia Seems Focused on Nuclear War

Russia has repeatedly alleged that the United States is engaged in a proxy conflict through Ukraine. As the conflict continues, individuals promoting the Russian agenda within the former Soviet Union have been quite active. Most recently, Russian state-controlled media has issued warnings of a potential nuclear conflict with the United States.

Igor Korotchenko, a frequent contributor to Russia 1 and the editor of the National Defense newspaper, has expressed frustration with those who criticize Russia’s actions in the ongoing war. He accused Ben Hodges, a NATO Senior Mentor for Logistics, of making threats against Russia. According to Korotchenko, Hodges believed that the U.S. was contemplating military actions against Russian naval installations in Syria, as well as Russian forces and the Black Sea Fleet stationed in Crimea.

Korotchenko emphasized the importance of Russia engaging in a dialogue concerning the utilization and acceptability of tactical nuclear weaponry, as well as clarifying the nation’s objectives. He made a strong statement that Russia had no intention of engaging the United States in a European conflict, suggesting instead a potential attack on the U.S. mainland. 

These assertions were reiterated during his conversation with Yevgeny Popov, the host of “60 Minutes.” Korotchenko conveyed that Russia’s initial strike would be directed at targets within the United States’ territory.

Russia has recently declared that its Sarmat strategic missile system has the capacity to launch missiles purportedly capable of reaching the United States.

It’s not just Korotchenko; there are other Russians making menacing statements. Major General Alexander Vladimirov, known for his authorship of Russia’s so-called war doctrine, asserted that the use of nuclear weapons in this conflict is a foregone conclusion. He envisions Russia deploying these weapons as a means to bring an end to the ongoing conflict with Ukraine.

Newsweek contacted Hodges and informed him about Korotchenko’s statements regarding the possibility of striking the United States. The former general expressed a serious concern about Russia’s threats, emphasizing that Russia possesses “thousands of nuclear weapons,” and he doubts their willingness to consider the potential loss of innocent lives. However, he believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin is more strategically effective when refraining from the use of these weapons, as it underscores the principle of self-deterrence.

Despite Hodges’ skepticism about Russia’s nuclear intentions, in 2022, CIA Director William Burns cautioned that the “potential desperation” of Putin could lead to the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons. Burns emphasized that this threat should not be underestimated.




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