Gary Busey Under Investigation Again for Alleged Hit-and-Run

Actor Gary Busey is currently under scrutiny in connection with a reported hit-and-run incident. According to a female individual, the celebrity collided with her vehicle on a Malibu highway and subsequently left the scene without providing his contact information. Unfortunately for Mr. Busey, there exists a compelling video recording that corroborates, at least to some extent, her version of events.

On September 6th, an incident occurred where a woman asserted that Busey struck the rear of her vehicle while she was driving in Malibu. Subsequently, Busey departed the scene without engaging in a conversation regarding the collision. The woman posted a video depicting her driving alongside the 79-year-old actor, vocally claiming that he had collided with her car and demanding his contact information. 

The video then proceeds to capture a confrontation taking place in a restaurant parking lot. Busey can be observed responding to her request for details with the statement, “I’m private,” before once again departing from the scene.

The Malibu County Sheriff’s Office has reported that a police report has been officially documented, yet investigators have not yet had the opportunity to interview Mr. Busey. As of now, the actor has not faced any charges related to this incident, but that possibility remains under consideration. Under California law, a misdemeanor hit and run can result in a maximum penalty of six months of imprisonment, a fine of $1,000, restitution for any property damage, and the addition of two points to your driving record.

It’s worth noting that Mr. Busey, who sustained permanent brain damage in a motorcycle accident in 1988, has previously had encounters with law enforcement. In 2015, he was involved in a collision while reversing out of a shopping center on the Pacific Coast Highway, which is the same location as the September 6 incident. In this earlier case, he struck a woman who received medical attention at the scene, but no charges were filed against him.

Nonetheless, in August 2022, he found himself facing accusations of sexual harassment. It was alleged that he had inappropriately touched two individuals at a horror movie convention in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Mr. Busey vehemently denied these allegations, asserting that his accusers were fabricating the claims. However, there have been no updates or developments reported on this case for several months.

Regrettably for Mr. Busey, the existence of video footage from the recent hit-and-run incident suggests that the likelihood of facing charges in this matter has increased significantly.




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