Extreme Heat Causing Some Roads To Buckle In Parts Of US

This week, sections of the central and eastern United States have seen triple-digit temperatures, and the intense heat has damaged some of the country’s highways.

All throughout the week, different regions of the country have received heat alerts; on Thursday, heat advisories were still in force from Texas to the beaches of Georgia and Florida. 

With temperatures forecast to rise beyond 100 degrees, a few Florida locations might experience some of the highest temperatures ever seen on Thursday.

Texas saw severe heat on Wednesday, which led to a road bleeding. The Texas Department of Transportation claims that the high temperatures caused the glue used to create the asphalt road in Crockett to liquefy and leak onto the road’s surface.

According to Oaks, the remedy entailed saturating the hot area of road with water to cool it down.

Earlier this month, the Minnesota Department of Transportation voiced worry over buckling roadways. The organization advised motorists to be alert for the hazard and contact 911 if they notice any buckled pavement in a tweet.

For at least the upcoming week, the heat wave appears to be sticking around. The eastern two-thirds of the country is forecast to have above-average temperatures through July 6, according to the Climate Prediction Center.

According to Rhonda Oaks, a spokeswoman for TxDOT’s Lufkin District, “The temperature on this section of the roadway at the time was 140 degrees. TxDOT crews monitor roadways in extreme temperatures and when this section of roadway in Houston County began to bleed, we treated it immediately,” At the time, the temperature on this portion of the road was 140 degrees.




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