Fake Elector Behind New Push to ‘Guard’ the Constitution

A recently initiated endeavor spearheaded by a retired Air Force veteran seeks to impart knowledge to public officials, ignite civic engagement, and, of paramount importance, safeguard the Constitution. Nevertheless, there are apprehensions surrounding the nature of this undertaking due to its founder, Shawn Meehan, who was among those labeled as unofficial electors in 2020. 

These individuals endorsed documents asserting Donald Trump’s victory in Nevada’s election. While two other pro-Trump electors from Nevada provided testimony to a special grand jury, it remains undisclosed whether Meehan has been summoned for testimony, too.

Among the 84 individuals who were identified as purported electors for Donald Trump from different states, only a small minority have faced legal charges linked to their involvement in the election. In response to claims asserting Trump’s victory, lawmakers in Nevada enacted Senate Bill 133, which classifies the act of forming or participating in a fictitious panel of electors as a felony. This offense carries a minimum prison sentence of four years.

Vivek Ramaswamy, a Republican presidential candidate known for typically refraining from critiquing former President Trump, expressed his opinion that those who partook in the counterfeit elector scheme, attempting to maintain Trump in office, displayed a lack of sound judgment.

Shawn Meehan, the individual at the helm of the “Guard the Constitution” initiative, has articulated his objective as being the education of citizens on how to engage with their representatives in a composed, well-informed, yet resolute and assertive manner. Meehan asserts that the model he advocates is rooted in his personal accomplishments derived from conversing with public officials and enlightening them about the Constitution. 

He envisions his website, GuardTheConstitution.com, as a blend of educational materials on the Constitution and dialogues concerning contemporary events with constitutional relevance.

As per Meehan’s explanation, the website’s purpose is to motivate and, if necessary, exert influence on elected officials to cast their votes in accordance with constitutional principles. This will be accomplished by instructing the public on how to communicate with their representatives and present arguments aligned with the Constitution.

While Meehan refrains from discussing ongoing legal proceedings related to the 2020 election in public, he remains in anticipation of a resolution to the actions taken by himself and others, including former President Trump.




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