Scott’s New Ad Aims at Rivals Over Abortion

In a new ad about abortion, Senator Tim Scott from South Carolina names some of the people running against him for president in 2024. Scott is still behind in the GOP presidential polls, but he has done better in the Iowa-based polls.

He says that his opponents don’t care as much about stopping abortion as they should. Their main job should be to keep people safe. The ad correctly points out that most Republican candidates don’t talk about abortion in their ads, but they do talk about it at events and speeches.

Scott and former Vice President Pence are the only candidates for president who back a national ban on abortion after 15 weeks. Both Trump and DeSantis have not said whether they back abortion at the federal level. However, DeSantis did ban abortions after six weeks in Florida, where he is from. In 2023, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Ramaswamy, and Haley don’t think it’s possible for the federal government to put limits on things.

Republicans worked hard for a long time to overturn Roe v. Wade. Now that they’ve done it, they’re making the GOP even stronger as the party for life. But in Planned Parenthood vs. Casey (1992), the Supreme Court fought to protect the right to have an abortion. Pro-choice Republicans in the Senate and on the Supreme Court made it easy for this 1992 Supreme Court case to be upheld. Pro-Choice used to be a Republican value, and a small group of people still believe that it should be a choice. This study by PRRI goes into detail about who is a pro-choice Republican and why they don’t always follow the party line on this issue. Some opponents say that Republicans should be Pro-Choice, which means they should give people choices.

Senator Scott may be very passionate about his views on abortion, but they probably won’t win him any new supporters. According to more Pew research, people who were not sure what to do, were moderate, or were independent have moved to the left when they had to decide what to do about abortion.




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