Far-Left Tries to Cancel Actress Due to Her Family’s Political Views

Because of pictures shared on social media from her mother’s 60th birthday, the lefties want to have the Emmy-nominated actress Sydney Sweeney fired.

Of course, in 2016, former President Donald Trump’s campaign slogan was “Make America Great Again,” so now cancel culture is after Sweeney because they disagree with her family’s political views. Guests at Sweeney’s mother’s birthday party included a man in a pro-police t-shirt, and some people were wearing red hats that said: “Make Sixty Great Again.”

Even before 2020, supporting police personnel is supposedly a terrible thing, according to liberals. The far-left believes that the First Amendment only applies to them and that anyone who has opinions contrary to their absurd ones will be fired.

“If you’re white and unwilling to completely shame your parents for their conservative views, you’re just as complicit,” one Twitter user declared.

He recommends that we punish our family for holding different opinions and beliefs just because someone has different political ideas than him on Twitter. Even for the cancel culture group, this is a new low.

Sweeney had already been attempted to be canceled. She received criticism for her attire at the MTV Movie and TV Awards in June. She received criticism from the body positivity movement for caring for her physique.

In a blog she published, Kerry Justich cited numerous people who were offended by Sweeney’s attire on social media and body acceptance activists.

No of their ethnicity, creed, or gender, all Americans have access to the First Amendment. Whether the far-left agrees or disagrees, it is their right to express that position. The continual anxiety and worry that a meeting would be canceled because someone said something that a group disagrees with is insane. Debate, agree to disagree, and have conversations.




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