Fire Department Blasts Biden With Some Facts About the Fire at His Home

In his political career, Joe Biden has embellished and lied about so many things that, to be honest, it’s difficult to keep track of them all.

But a fire that broke out in his house in 2004 is something that he has constantly dramatized in the last year.

As is customary with Joe Biden’s anecdotes, his narrative has evolved each time he recounts it. You can’t maintain the falsehood you previously told while you’re not being truthful. So the tale has changed over time.

In November of last year, Biden reported that a sizable piece of his house had burned down and that my wife was inside. It would be difficult if it caught on fire while she was inside, he said, adding that she had managed to escape safely.

Biden later claimed that he lost a significant portion of his home while in Florida inspecting the damage caused by Hurricane Ian.

Then, this week, at a meeting on fire safety, Biden asserted that everything had been destroyed, from the cellar to the third-floor attic. We “almost lost a couple of firefighters,” he added.

It has already been reported that this wasn’t the case and that, contrary to what the fire brigade said in 2004, the damage was limited to the kitchen and was extinguished in under 20 minutes. Nothing regarding the loss of two firemen or a significant portion of the house.

The Cranston Heights Fire Company, the fire department that responded to the fire in 2004, has now released a comment on the subject. Although it was a little fire, they pointed out that to any homeowner, every fire is serious.




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