New Poll Shows Dems Losing Hispanic Support Since 2018

According to a new survey released on Friday, Democrats are losing support among Hispanics from the midterm elections of 2018.

Despite Democrats having a net 63% support among Hispanic voters, compared to a net 36% support for Republicans, according to a Washington Post/Ipsos survey released on Friday, that is a drop for Democrats from the previous midterm elections. 72% of Hispanic voters who participated in Pew Research’s 2018 exit surveys supported Democratic candidates, while 25% supported Republicans.

The economy and President Joe Biden’s job performance over the previous two years appear to be the main causes of Democrats’ declining lead.

Along with crime and gun violence, which are both ranked as the top two issues for Hispanics this election cycle at 87% and 74%, respectively, rising costs and the availability of employment are the top concerns.

Compared to topics the Democratic Party has prioritized like abortion [69%], racial discrimination [69%], and climate change [67%], health care and public education rank highly on the list with 80% and 76%, respectively.

54 percent of those polled think Biden has done a good job; 43 percent disapprove of his presidency; 57 percent believe he hasn’t accomplished anything since taking office; and 43 percent say he’s done a lot or a decent bit while in office.

Only 21% of Hispanic voters believe the economy is doing well, compared to 78% who believe it is either poor or not very well.

Despite the poor forecast for the economy, 60% of respondents indicated they were confident about their family’s financial situation improving over the coming year.




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