GOP Exposes Massive Threat Posed by Chinese Owned APP

As the Republican candidate for the Alabama Senate seat up for re-election in November, Katie Britt is someone worth paying attention to because, if the GOP retakes control, her policies may very possibly become law. Unless she conducts an appallingly awful campaign, she will be elected to the Senate since Alabama is a ruby red state. With that in mind, the news isn’t fantastic for TikTok, the Chinese data-harvesting app that has a sizable user base and has successfully cornered the young market.

TikTok is a data-stealing Trojan horse that the Chinese Communist Party may use.

There is no agreement that can safeguard Americans if TikTok maintains its links to totalitarian China.

In a less-than-subtle promise to take on TikTok, she also talked with Breitbart News about the issue and vowed to defend America’s national security interests, saying “As parents, we used to be able to keep our children safe at night by locking the doors. However, as technology has advanced, it is clear that the danger can now be inside our homes on our devices. While I share the same concerns related to TikTok about the quiet damage that social media apps in general are doing to our children, TikTok is uniquely dangerous in that it’s also a serious national security risk.”

It is risky and hazardous to take a chance on the Chinese Communist Party gaining access to data, whether it be biometric information about American individuals or information like birth dates, phone numbers, behavioral targeting results, or device identifying data. We must never lose sight of the reality that the CCP is our worst enemy and that everything they do is aimed at using us as leverage.




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